We invite students to submit a 4 minutes original video in response to this topic.

Students are encouraged to engage directly with stakeholders, and create original content (photos and videos illustrating their example(s), video-interviews with community members, etc.). They are also encouraged to voice their personal arguments.

The videos will be judged by a panel of Indonesian, European and other judges and experts. The winning students will be invited and will present an "exhibition" of their points of view and arguments in FITE final virtual conference.

How to make your video?

Step 1 : Discuss the topic with your professors, family and friends, on Facebook, etc. Find an approach that inspires you.
Your video can be 100% material that you have filmed, with your own voice and comments, or a combination of your own material (interviews, filming on site, etc.) and additional content.
Step 2 : If you wish to insert additional content, think about what you might use. Are there publicly available videos or photos that could be included in your video? Will you use music? 
Step 3 : Write your script (what you plan to say during your video) and practice it.
Practice in front of the mirror, with friends or family or anywhere else to make sure that the words come out smoothly!
Step 4 : Now you're ready to film. You can use just about any camera enabled product to film your video. That means that you can use your computer, your phone, a video camera or anything else in between. You can film the video yourself or you can have friends or family run the camera for you.
Step 5 : Once your video has been recorded and edited, watch it back one time. Is it within the time limit? Did you say everything you wanted to say? If so, you’re ready to upload the video.
Keep in mind that:
  •  Videos should vividly illustrate the position you defend
  • Videos should rely on genuine facts and scientific projections
  • Preferably videos should demonstrate your creativity by multimedia means
  • Videos are encouraged to include original content, such as photos or video-interviews
  • Be creative! We encourage you to use computer software or apps to add effects to your video. Some app options include iMovie (Mac), Movie Maker (Windows), Wondershare Filmora, or Lightworks. There are many other options out there as well!


Uploading the video

Step 1 : Once the video is on a computer, you can go to youtube.com and find the upload button in the top right hand corner. 
Step 2 : When uploading the video please select “unlisted”, this means that only those with the link to the video can view it. 
Step 3 : The title for your video should be [Your Name] FITE 2021".
Step 4 : Wait! It might take a few minutes for your video to upload, the site will let you know when it’s done.
Step 5 : Once your video is uploaded you are ready to submit!
Go here to fill out the form to submit your video.
You will find examples of what a video essay looks and sounds like below. These are the videos of some of the FITE champions of the previous editions. You can also view more submissions from previous years on our archive pages.