The Forum for International Tourism and the Environment aims at fostering awareness and responsibility among students in tourism. Today, the Covid-19 pandemic represents one of the greatest threats the industry has ever had to face. In these hard and challenging times, tourism was hardly hit by the closing of borders and social distancing measures. As the world is heading towards a “new normal”, the tourism industry is now evolving rapidly to fight the uncertainty of the crisis.

Through this partnership between the Institut Français, the Embassy of France to Indonesia, Pradita University and The George Washington University, we aim to work with students and tourism stakeholders around the world to support the knowledge, commitment and skills needed the challenges of our time. 

According to the UNWTO, it is estimated that in 2020, tourism revenues will drop by at least 60% compared to the previous year. As this context presents the industry with unprecedented challenges, it is also a unique moment for reflecting on what a new and more sustainable tourism could be. This includes the decline of mass tourism and the rise of local tourism, the new regulations and support measures offered by governments, the impact of social distancing and hygiene measures to tackle the virus, and the most outstanding innovations highlighted by the crisis.

Students will be invited to think about the new ways in which tourism can be reinvented to build a more sustainable future for the industry. 

On June 10th 2021, Institut Français d’Indonesie and Pradita University will host an International conference and the championship of the F.I.T.E competition, through which the best Indonesian students of Tourism will highlight their own perspectives on the topic, and compete for the best argument and presentation of their chosen point, in front of a panel of judges from the tourism profession and diplomatic community. Winners of the competition are then awarded tourism study tours in France. 

This year, the topic of competition will be :

Creative Tourism during Covid-19 Pandemic : Resilience and Sustainability

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