Creative Tourism During COVID 19 Pandemic: Resilience and Sustainability

The Forum on International Tourism and the Environment calls on speakers and student participants to reflect on the ways in which the Covid-19 pandemic hit the industry, and how it can adapt to build a more sustainable future for itself. Through this wide question, it will analyze how the new regulations can open the way for a slow re-opening; how social distancing and hygiene impact the work of stakeholders; how they managed to innovate in order to survive; how local tourism can replace mass tourism; and what kind of transformation could meet traveler’s expectation.

The theme of the competition therefore addresses multiple dimensions of Indonesia’s assets as a tourism destination: ecological, cultural, historical, economic.


The student competition will be run through the education institutions in the Hospitality / tourism field, and will aim to involve several hundred students from Indonesia and Europe. 4 minutes original video should response to this topic.

Students are encouraged to engage directly with stakeholders, and create original content (photos and videos illustrating their example(s), video-interviews with community members, etc.). They are also encouraged to voice their personal arguments.

Examples of issues connected to topic:

Eco-tourism, Virtual activities, Marine activities and conservation, Cultural tourism

Proposals for creative tourism should fall into the following categories:

  • Sustainable and responsible travel: putting the locals first.

  • Cleanliness, health, and safety protocols for accommodation, tourist attractions, transportation, and events.

  • Open possibilities of partnership with private or local companies to create travel packages.

  • Responsive to pandemic impacts:   used personal protective equipment and wastes

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