2019 Online Competition


In 2019, in partnership with the United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization, the FITE calls on the Indonesian and international student community to consider the multiple factors that have contributed in the past, and still contribute in the present, to Indonesia’s maritime identity.
The objective is to highlight the maritime identity as a meaningful and powerful unifier in contemporary Indonesia.

The Indonesian archipelago, in its diversity and variety, is home to over 54 000 km of coastline, to some of the richest fishing areas in the world, to coral reefs with the highest levels of biodiversity, and to active and historical trade-routes, along which one can trace centuries of interaction between cultures, religions and languages. Indonesia’s strong maritime identity can strengthen its attraction as a tourism destination; it can also be used to highlight and preserve the value of its natural and cultural heritage.

The theme of the competition therefore addresses multiple dimensions of Indonesia’s assets as a tourism destination: ecological, cultural, historical, economic.

 2019 Winners


Nur Zaitun
“It was a great program, I got so much knowledge about gastronomy of France. I tasted wine and cheese, visited castle, and met with new friend from China and Taiwan. Really happy during this Summer Course. Thank you. ”
"Wow.  Amazing. Fantastic, wonderful. It's really amazing I can follow summer school, it's a good program to exchange culture and knowledge.”
Stevanus Christa
“Learning how a Tourism Destination manages its territory, especially where there are heritage sites, is something I can learn from France. As a future Destination Management Organizer, "Qualité Tourisme" has taught me a lot about how tourism activity and cultural heritage preservation can run together without compromising tourist satisfaction and cultural heritage preservation so it is beneficial for both parties and the continuity of it.”

FITE 2019 Conference